5 Notable Stops Slaves Passed In Their Journey Of No Return

Slave trade was abolished in 1886. Prior to that time, it ran from the 16th and one of the points the slaves had to pass through was Badagry in Lagos state.



Today many know Badagry as a tourist attraction, but there was a time when it was actually a slave port and held so much suffering. In this article, there are 5 points which the slaves passed to get through to the ships of the white men who would transport them to the abroad. These points were known as “the point of no return”.

Some of them include:

1. The Mobee Family House & Slave Relics Museum:

It is well known that rulers, chiefs and warriors collaborated to sell their own people. At the height of this was the Chief Sunbu Mobee who traded many of his people with the Portuguese until his son ascended the throne and abolished the trade in 1886. Relics of the family’s participation from the time can be found at the Mobee Family Slave Relics Museum located at the Mobee in Badagry.

2. Gberefu Island:

This island is a part of Badagry, and is located between the hinterland and the Atlantic Ocean. Slave traders under Chief Sunbu Mobee captured inhabitants of the island and put them on their path to slavery. About half a million people were sold into slavery from 1518 to 1880.

3. Spirit Attenuation Well:

Along the path in Gberefu Island, there is a small well which is suspected to have been charmed by shamans and chiefs. Slaves on their way to America were given water from the well in order for them to cut their psychological ties to their home. The water was supposed to take effect in 3 months, and leave the slave without any connection to anything back home. No one has drunk from the well in over a century till this day.

4. The Ocean Path:

For the African slaves, their captive reality set in when they were on the way to the ocean via the ocean path.

Here the slaves were finally confronted with their reality. This was the shores of the Atlantic and this was the point where they were handed over to the Europeans. Here, the slaves would realize that they were never going back to their homes.
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