5 Places To Visit in Cotonou, Benin

If you are looking for a vibrant place to visit this summer with never ending sights, Cotonou is the place for you. It is located in the Southern part of the country and is the economic capital of Benin.

Cotonou is bordered by the sea, and has a lot of fun places you would love to visit. Here are some of those places.

  1. Obama Beach:

The Obama beach is a really fun spot to visit. You can stay at the Benin Roya Hotel so you can easily commute to an fro the Obama beach, as they provide shuttle services. The beach is located opposite the U.S Embassy and that is probably why it is called Obama Beach.

2. Fondation Zinsou:

The Fondation Zinsou is a non profit organization which promotes art, education and culture of Benin. Together with the historical museum in Benin, they provide a platform via which visitors can learn about the country.

Fondation Zinsou has 6 mini libraries, art classes, etc. If you are looking for the spot to learn about contemporary artists and art in Benin, then Fondation Zinsou is the best place to be. Plus they have alot of paintings and pictures on display.


3. Bab’s Dock:

So, you are looking for a place more intune with nature, Bab’s Dock is the place to be. It is a private lake home, and is owned by a Belgium couple. It is located 30 minutes North of Cotonou and finding it is quite tedious as it is deliberately hidden to give you the aura of an explorer on an expedition.

You have to call ahead to announce your arrival so that a boat can be sent to pick you up to the secret destination. This boat passes through mangrove forests.

Of course it is not free, but the fee isnt outrageous and is highly affordable.


4. The Artisanal Center:

You should visit this place if you enjoyed your visit to the Fondation Zinsou. You can purchase art and craft unique to Benin.



5. The Eldorado Beach Club:

As the name suggests, it is located by the beach and offers so many activities like swimming, horse riding, Beach Volley Ball, Tennis etc.


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