Africa, My True Love

Africa is a beautiful and lovely continent. A wonderful place to be. You can not afford to live all your life without having to visit or get to know about Africa and its wonders. Africa, the second largest continent also doubles as the second-most populous continent. It is also noted as the oldest inhabited territory in the world, where the human specie  is interestingly said to have originated. Worthy of note is the fact that Africa houses a huge variation of interesting ethnicities,cultures and languages.

Most of Africa was colonized by European countries in the late 19th century. Africa suffered hugely under the ugly claws of slave trade. Pitifully , some aspects of traditional African cultures were suppressed by the colonial and post colonial regimes. As at today, Africa has 54 sovereign countries.

In terms of climate, the northern half is primarily desert while its central and southern areas are both savanna plains and dense rain forest regions.

To give you a tip of the ice-berg, Africa has the longest river- river Nile and the world’s tallest free standing mountain- mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. There are huge and endless possibilities of adventure.

Africa however is sadly misconceived by a lot of people  and fueled by the media as a land of poverty,corruption, war and famine, and simply a land of suffering. But believe me honestly, that is not the true narrative. Believe me when I say most of the continent is peaceful, well-fed, bustling and of working class.

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