All You Need To Know About Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Boa Vista is Portuguese for “good view”. It is a desert-like island belonging to Cape Verde. At 631.1 km2 (243.7 sq mi), it is the 3rd largest island of the Cape Verde archpelago. This island is the closest to the African continent as the distance between Boa Vista and Senegal is only 450km.



The island is flat but has numerous mountains example Monte Estancia, Monte Santo Antonio, Rocha Estancia, Morro de Areia, Morro Negro, Monte Cacador, Pico Forcado and Monte Vigia

It is also famous for its numerous beaches. Its beaches include Atalanta, Cabral, Chaves, Ervatao, Gatas, Santa Monica and Varandinha. Boa Vista is also surrounded by a number of uninhabited islets.



Boa Vista was found uninhabited by Antonio de Noli and Diogo Gomes in 1460. Soon, the first settlement known as Povoacao Velha was established in 1620 due to its salt deposits. In 1820, pirate attacks became quite rampant at the settlement and the people moved to Porto Ingles later called Sal Rei which today is the capital of Boa Vista.

Boa Vista was also known for its slave trade and in 1842, a Portuguese-British commission to end slavery was established. However, slavery wasnt completely abolished untl 1876.

The population of Boa Vista is made of Creole, Negroids and Caucasians with the Creoles being the largest part of the population with about 70%.

Today tourism, salt collection and date farming fund Boa Vista’s economy. There are also a number of hotels and beach resorts present on the island.

The airport of Boa Vista is Aristides Pereira International Airport, about 5 km southeast of Sal Rei. There are also ferry services in Sal Rei.

Boa Vista does not have so much flora and fauna and so only about 3% is forested. However, 37% of its area is protected because they serve as important nesting areas for loggerhead sea turtles and birds.

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