All You Need To Know About Pyramids of Giza

It is the oldest of all the Seven Wonders of The World, completed over 4577 years ago in 2560 BC. Also known as the pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Giza is also the oldest of the three pyramids which make up the Giza Pyramid Complex. It lies on the border of Giza, in Greater Cairo, Egypt. It is also the only one which is still intact.



It was built over a 10 to 20 year period. For up to 3800 years, it was the tallest man-made structure in the world before the completion of the Lincoln Cathedral in 1311 AD. It is also believed that the Pyramid weighs 6 million tonnes.


Why was the pyramid constructed?

It is widely believed that the pyramid was built as a tomb for Pharaoh Khufu, the Fourth Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh. He is believed to have reigned in the 26th century BC between 2589BC to 2566BC. Though, not much is known about Khufu, it is believed that he had two wives, Meritites I and later Henutsen.

Hence, the pyramid of Giza has three chambers. The lowest chamber is cut into the bedrock upon which the pyramid is built while two other chambers lay higher up within the pyramid. These two chambers that lay higher up within the pyramid are said to be the queen (First wife) and king’s chamber.

Construction Of The Pyramid Of Giza

At construction, the pyramid stood at 146.6 metres (481.0ft) but now stands at 137 metres (449.5ft). The pyramid’s workmanship is so accurate, such that the four sides of the base have an error of only 58 millimetres in length.

The Pyramid of Giza is also surrounded by a number of smaller pyramids and smaller buildings from the Pyramid Temple to the Valley Temple, of which both now have very few remains. On the south, four subsidiary pyramids are present and are known as Queen pyramids. Only three remain standing to its full height.

Contrary to the popular opinion that the pyramids were built on the backs of slaves, evidence suggests that they were built instead on the backs of workers who were paid for their labour and hired for their skill. Also, no evidence suggests the events narrated in the book of Exodus. Workers housing was also discovered in the lost city.

There is also the issue of the skill and technology that is needed to create the precise shape of the Pyramids. Though still disputed in some quarters, it is believed that ramps were raised around the foundation of the pyramid and provided a means for lifting and putting huge stones in place. This theory is disputed because Egypt did not have that much wood in abundance. Also, it is mostly impossible for such heavy stones to have been moved around without a crane which also the Egyptians did not have.

Today, all the pyramids have been robbed, and it is believed that the Pyramid of Giza was particularly emptied to build the Valley of Kings.

Fun Fact

As recent as August 2018, it was discovered that the pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy in its internal chambers and its base.

This electromagnetic energy is concentrated in the pyramid’s hidden chambers, including rooms of Pharaoh Khufu and his wife. However, it is believed that the ancient Egyptians hardly knew anything about this fact when they were building the pyramid.


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