Angola’s Valley Of The Moon: The Place To Visit The Moon On Earth

The Valley of the Moon also called Miradouro da Lua or Watchpoint is one of the most prominent and famous landscapes in Angola; a beautiful southern  African country. Angola is bounded on its western portion by the Atlantic ocean.

valley of the moon

The capital of Angola is the city of Luanda and the Valley of the Moon is about 40km south of the capital city and about 45 minutes-1 hour drive from it.
The Valley derives its name from having a landscape similar to that of the moon(moonscape).

It is an amazing and extensive geological formation created by the interaction of the weather, sea, wind, rain and time and finally shaped by centuries of rain and erosion giving rise to cliffs with sharp pinnacles and deep gullies. The cliffs provide an amazing view of the Atlantic.

Its unique moonscape gives you the experience of been in the moon. The only difference been that you do not need to go there on board a rocket but by road and you are still under the force of the earth’s gravity.

If you love geology or star wars, you will definitely find this tourist site quite interesting and amazing, as it gives you the feeling of been in another planet.

You can not be in Angola, especialy, Luanda and not visit the Valley of the Moon. It’s like going to a Pizza restaurant  and not eat Pizza.

When next you think of a place to visit, remember the Valley of the moon and be sure to go with your camera to capture the incredible formation and views.

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