Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg South Africa

The Apartheid Museum, located in Northern Parkway and Gold Reef Road, Ormonde, Johannesburg, South Africa is a museum which illustrates the apartheid and the 20th century history of South Africa. It was opened in November 2001 and formed part of the Gold Reef City complex.

apartheid museum

In 1948, the white elected National Party government started a process which made 20 million blacks, 2nd class citizens. This meant a life of servitude to the whites, humiliation and abuse. This ended in 1994 however, after the election of Nelson Mandela, the prisoner who became president.

Though a symbol of the democracy of South Africa, the Apartheid Museum allows visitors experience the racial segregation which occured during apartheid by seperating the exhibits by racial appearance. This means classification by the width of the nose, kinks in the hair, skin pigmentation, size of lips as well as language spoken. All races are welcome to visit the museum.

apartheid museum entrance

All races are welcome at this museum which illustrates how Apartheid rose and fell. The museum exhibits is assembled and organized by a team of curators, film makers, historians and designers from across all fields.

The museum is situated on a seven hectare land mass and consists od a series of 22 individual exhibition areas, carefully crafted to take the visitors on a dramatic and emotional journey. Exhibits are from film footages, photographs, text panels, artifacts illustrating the events and human stories which took place during the time. The exhibitions include “Apartheid,” “The Turn to Violence,” “The Homelands” and “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”

For a meaningful stay in South Africa, a visit to the Apartheid museum is important, as it offers an inspiring story on how South Africa has conquered her past and is matching towards her future.

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