Visiting Sao Vicente? Here Is What You Need To Know

São Vicente also known as Saint Vincent is one of the Barlavento islands in Cape Verde. It is between the island of Santo Antao and Santa Luzia. It was discovered by Portuguese exploere Diogo Afonso on the 22nd of January, 1462 which has come to be known as Saint Vincent day. However, the population didn’t […]

Mount Ned Nwoko Resort, Delta State, Nigeria: The Only Mosquito Free Area In Nigeria

Did I say mosquito free? Yes! You heard right! Located in Idumuje Ugboko area of Delta State, is the Mount Ned Nwoko Resort which is free from mosquitoes. As it turns out, Idumuje Ugboko is the second-highest altitude in Nigeria after the Obudu Cattle ranch which explains why there are no mosquitoes present here. Though the […]

Gorilla ttekking in uganda and rwanda

The Ultimate Guide To Gorilla Trekking In Uganda And Rwanda

Gorilla trekking is a trip that can be done all year round in Uganda and Rwanda. This is because both countries have wet or rainy seasons which allow for forests to develop and encourage gorillas breeding. There are quite a number of companies that you can use in your journey to gorilla trekking. They include, […]

6 Best Things To Do In Cape Town

Cape Town is a beautiful city by all standards, and residents have the luxury of viewing beautiful mountains, beaches, and almost-all round the year sunshine. Cape Town’s dry summer months stretch from about November to April, with hot days and balmy evenings. Spring is usually from September to October while autumn is in May.To properly […]

Top Essentials You Need To Pack For A Trip To Africa

Looking to go to Africa? or you may have heard about the topographical treasure chest that is Africa. Africa is a unique continent with a bio-diverse landscape and inviting clime. The people are the most amazing people you would ever meet. From the Magkadigadi salt pans in Botswana, to the Point of No Return in […]

All You Need To Know About The Sabi Sand Game Reserve

The Sabi Sand Game Reserve is the most prestigious and oldest  game reserve in South Africa. It is a private game reserve with unfenced borders which run for up to 50 kilometres. The borders run alongside the Kruger National Park, Sabi river and Sand river from which it gets its name. There are over a […]

7 Beautiful African Capital Cities That Are A Must Visit

Africa as a continent is blessed with so much unexplored beauty. The best of which can be found in the capital cities of countries it is made up of. The capital cities are usually the “headquarters” of the nation in which they are domiciled. In this article, we shall be covering 10 of such cities […]

Ruiz, Colombia

Five Deadliest Volcanic Eruptions In History

Nowadays, we hear of volcanic eruptions killing people and displacing others and while that is terrifying and saddening, it is a lot better than past eras when it was impossible to accurately predict when a volcano would belch scorching hot lava. In those times, volcanoes killed tonnes of people and even destroyed entire settlements. Below, […]

travel mistakes

Travel Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your Next Trip

Many times when we travel, we do not realize the little travel mistakes we may be making. These mistakes can slow our journey down or can even impact the smooth flow of our trip. Best to prevent that now, what do you think? Below are some travel mistakes you should definitely avoid. Never miss the […]

Best Travel Planners You Should Have

Planning trips could be a bit of a hassle nowadays, but with the advent of planning apps, you can now lay out the perfect trip for yourself and your family. Below, we’ll have a look at some of the best travel planners for the new year.   Google Trips It only makes sense that the […]

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