Best Travel Planners You Should Have

Planning trips could be a bit of a hassle nowadays, but with the advent of planning apps, you can now lay out the perfect trip for yourself and your family.

best travel planners

Below, we’ll have a look at some of the best travel planners for the new year.


Google Trips

It only makes sense that the search engine giants will make an appearance on this list. Powered by an insane amount of data, Google Trips has you sorted for days on end in any location you find yourself in. With activities and fascinating tourist hotspots, you can do worse than get yourself this really helpful app.



The constant barrage from hotels, airlines and other institutions when planning a trip can be a headache. Sure, they are just doing their jobs, but for you, it’s a jumbled mess. Not to worry, with TripIt you can keep all these correspondences detailed and organized in one place. The app contains all this data in one place and it’s easy to consume from there. It’s free to use, but contains a premium package that allows you to do extra things like upgrade your seat and other little things.



Easy to use and helpful to every new client, Skyscanner enables you to book and plan trips with relative ease. The app alerts you to fair prices, integrated frequent flyer miles and so on. With an interactive UI, this is a great app to have when planning your next trip.



Already a wildly successful and popular website and travel guide, the TripAdvisor app just builds on this great premise. It is a useful app that allows you to do various things incidental to your trip including booking tickets, hotels and restaurants at your destination. Thanks to its customer review feature, you get a little preview of where you have chosen to lodge, visit or fly with. The customer feedback allows you to make an informed decision before spending hard-earned money on any travel spot.


Packing Pro

Packing for a trip can be an extreme sport. Sometimes you have no idea what to take or how much of what to take. With Packing Pro, you can easily scale this hurdle as it helps you create custom packing lists that takes factors such as: duration, location and so on into consideration. It even advises you in terms of religious and cultural factors in the country you’re going to visit. It doesn’t come with a free version, but for the value it presents, it is well-worth the money.



What Kayak does so well is trawl through tonnes of travel sites and presents you with hot deals for flights, hotels, and car rentals. You can plan and organize trips, measure luggage and so much more on this app. It’s an ideal travel companion as you seek the ultimate trip.

It’s available on iOS, Android and PC.



Air travel isn’t particularly the cheapest mode of travel and we sometimes have to get creative with our arrangements. Skiplagged helps in that regard, presenting you with cheaper flights to connecting cities which can in turn assist you in reducing the burden on your pocket. It’s basically a hack in which you take a cheaper flight and end up in the city you really want to go without having to follow the connecting flight and spend less money in the process.


Sygic Travel

Sygic Travel is for the individuals who are very particular about how they plan their trips. The app allows you to set out your itinerary in detailed fashion. It has a large database and videos to give you an impressive preview of what you are going to meet. You can perfectly plan your day with absolutely no surprises. It’s available on iOS, Android and PC. The free version lets you do a bunch of things, but access to the offline map requires a premium membership.


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