Cape Point Nature Reserve - Views From Down South

Within just an hour’s drive from the buzz of downtown Cape Town lies a peaceful and beautiful reserve – Cape Point Nature Reserve. It is one of the most attractive and spectacular parks in the entire nation of South Africa. Bursting with fantastic hiking trails, dramatic scenery, unbelievable hiking trails, deserted beaches and horizons your camera would adore.

The Cape Point Nature Reserve lies at the tip of the Cape Peninsula, it’s a natural reserve within the Table Mountain National Park. There’s also a presence of the animal kingdom as well, this includes some great watching of birds that may fly across and during spring. And you just might be lucky to catch a glimpse of a whale close to shore.

The headland of Cape Point is categorised into three parts: The Cape of Good Hope, Cape Maclear and Cape Point itself. The cliffs of Cape Point are more than 200 metres above the sea; as they provide the perfect spot you could use as an outlook for whales that are prevalent between May and November. However, dolphins can be seen throughout the entire year.
It is also known as a nature lover’s paradise with its abundance of flora and fauna, this includes over 250 species of birds, buck and baboons, not forgetting that you get to see the view at the end of the Earth. There is also a world-class restaurant and a curio shop.
In the reserve, there are 2 peaks right at the tip of the peninsula: Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope.
It is also worthy of note that there are rugged rocks and sheer cliffs that tower more than 200 metres above the sea and cut deep into the ocean thus providing a spectacular background for the Park’s bio-diversity. The natural vegetation of the area (known as fynbos) comprises of the smallest but richest of the world’s 6 floral kingdoms.
The views are massive and you would also get panoramic views of the ocean from both peninsula coastlines, dramatic cliffs and also the clean white sweep of Dias Beach. After that, there’s still a chance for you to continue to admire the views of the ocean while on the wooden deck of the Two Oceans Restaurant; it’s a great place to have some exotic lunch.
Though the views of the ocean are undoubtedly spectacular, of the thousands of visitors who come from various destinations to the tip of the peninsula, only a small fraction see the amazing natural beauty and wildlife of the Cape Point Nature Reserve. Only a few get to be part of the hiking trails on both coastlines: The Atlantic side is mostly a flat beach with massive ocean views.
However, the False Bay coast has an exciting path that winds across beaches without any form of footprints, along cliff-tops and through the thick fynbos which happen to be the Cape’s unique vegetation. As you hike. You’ll also see lizards running around rocks and a wide variation of birds including the ostrich.
Furthermore, there’s still a chance that you could get some bigger game like baboons, eland, bontebok and mountain zebra. While these trails and hikes could be done by yourself, it is highly recommended that you make use of a professional guide. This would ensure that you don’t get lost and would also remove any guesswork out of your Cape Point Hike and make you learn about the fynbos and wildlife.
This is another reserve in Africa that is truly a site to behold.
Written by Agboola Pelumi

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