Travelling To Cape Verde? Here Are Amazing Facts You Should Know

Looking for some affordable adventure? Cape Verde just might be the place for you. Cape Verde is made up of a dozen islands in the Atlantic. It is a destination in which you are bound to get a lot of diversity, and appeal. Here are the most amazing facts you should know. It’s Location Cape […]

5 Notable Stops Slaves Passed In Their Journey Of No Return

Slave trade was abolished in 1886. Prior to that time, it ran from the 16th and one of the points the slaves had to pass through was Badagry in Lagos state.     Today many know Badagry as a tourist attraction, but there was a time when it was actually a slave port and held […]

10 Of Africa's Most Iconic Trees Baobab tree

10 Of Africa's Most Iconic Trees

Africa is a rich continent filled with weird and wonderful vegetation, so let’s take a look at ten of the most Iconic trees to be found on the dark continent.  Baobab (Adansonia) We’ve all read one African work of fiction or the other that featured the Baobab tree. It holds a sacred role in African […]

All You Need To Know About Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Boa Vista is Portuguese for “good view”. It is a desert-like island belonging to Cape Verde. At 631.1 km2 (243.7 sq mi), it is the 3rd largest island of the Cape Verde archpelago. This island is the closest to the African continent as the distance between Boa Vista and Senegal is only 450km.     The island is flat […]

Where Baby Jesus Sought Refuge In Africa

Africa provided refuge and home to Jesus Christ in his early childhood when King Herod  sought to kill Him after his birth. Egypt in northeastern Africa became home away from home for Jesus as a new born. Jesus and his family fled to Egypt after the cruel plan of Herod was divinely revealed to them. […]

Sauti Za Busara - Sounds of Wisdom

Sauti za Busara is an African music festival that is held in the city of Zanzibar, Tanzania. The festival is held every year in the month of February. Sauti za Busara means “sounds of wisdom” in Swahili. The festival is still one of the largest music festivals in East Africa. It is centred in the […]

The African Masquerade

The African masquerade is an ageless phenomenon in most African communities and cultures. It plays a very unique role in the people’s belief system and lives.  It is universally believed that they are spirits and not humans. It is believed that the spirits and ancestors are embodied in them. these masquerades usually come  in various […]

african flute

The African Flute

The African flute is a traditional African musical instrument with its unique lyrics. It is common to almost all African cultures. It has existed since prehistoric times. It is usually made from wood, bamboo, animal horns and metal tube. Hence there are different types of flute. The flute is an aerophone  or reedless wind instrument […]


8 Most Active Volcanoes In Africa

1. Fogo, Cape Verde The most recent volcanic disaster off of the mainland of West Africa caused the destruction of two villages, with 1,500 residents of Portela and Bengeira fleeing from the lava flows. The first eruption of Pico do Fogo was on November 23, 2014, and after four days of quiet the outburst began […]