abuja airplane house

The Abuja Airplane House

When you first look at it from afar off, it looks like the site of a plane crash. But it is not so. Welcome to the Abuja AirPlane House. It is just along the main highway, and very hard to miss when you are driving south into Abuja. This beautiful piece of architecture is owned […]

The Jabi Lake and Mall Abuja - Shopping Centre and Lake Side By Side

Looking to spend a day in a serene environment in Abuja? You shouldn’t have to look too far as there is a major tourist attraction in Abuja for visitors from around the country, including Minna and Kaduna. It is the Jabi Lake Mall, which offers inexpensive fun for families, lovers, friends etc.  It is a […]

Tiga Dam Kano – Tributary Of Hadejia River

There are about 19 dams in Nigeria and Tiga Dam is one of them. It covers an area of about 178 square km with a capacity of 2 000,000 cubic meters which makes it qualify to be one of the largest dams in the country. Tiga dam is a hydro-power plant with a power capacity […]

jakaranda pottery

Jakaranda Pottery Kaduna – Embodiment Of Creativity

Africa is a continent blessed with some much creativity  and the Jakaranda pottery embodies  this creativity through the beautifully hand crafted pots made and sold by potters for household, traditional, ornamented and sculptural uses. It also serve as a form of storytelling through art.   Jakaranda pottery Kaduna located at Kachia-kaduna expressway about 22km south […]

Kajuru Castle: A Medieval Architecture

Kaduna State, a major commercial hub in the northern part of Nigeria, is home to a magnificent luxury Villa called Kajuru Castle. This Castle was built in early medieval style between 1981 and 1989 in a village called Kajuru. The building of Kajuru Castle brings to bare the early medieval architectural style. It was built […]

National War Museum, Umuahia, Nigeria

Museums are regarded as buildings or institutions dedicated and set aside to the conservation, exhibition of objects having historical, cultural or artistic value. One of the amazing things about museums in Nigeria is that, it houses many historical artifacts which draw the attention of tourist and citizens alike. One of the very most important historical […]

Eko Tourist Beach Resort, Lagos

The busy life of Lagos makes a vacation necessary after a long working week, this makes Eko Tourist Beach Resort a perfect spot for a family weekend or couples night out especially with the quietness and coolness of the resort, most of which is as a result of its being very close to the Atlantic […]

Akwete Weaving Center, Abia State

‘ụwa bụ dị ka a ewu oda. Ọ na-enye ọ bụla mmiri ara ehi, ma ị Punch na afanyekwa na ya’ –The world is like a goat’s udder. It does not give any milk, unless you punch and squeeze at it. The Igbos(one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria that live in south-eastern […]

Oron Museum, Akwa Ibom: Home Of Wood Carvings

The oldest and finest surviving wood carvings gathered from various places across Africa were housed along side with the Ekpu Oron. Ekpu Oron is the ancestral spirit of Oron in an ancestral shrine in Oron, this shrine was starting to decay, since some of the carving are believed to be more than  three centuries old and […]

Ogbunike Caves: A Cave Women On Their Monthly Cycle Cannot Visit

OGBUNIKE  CAVES, a UNESCO world heritage site is an a array of caves that have existed for centuries that I find quite interesting and awesome. Though I am not a Spelunker (one who explores caves for leisure and fun) nor a Speleologist (One who studies caves as a science) I can confidently say that it […]

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