All You Need To Know About Getting A Travel Insurance

A travel insurance is very important before you take trips outside your country. They are usually divided into Travel medical & evacuation insurance and flight insurance. Most insurance companies offer various travel insurance packages. 

travel insurance

The travel medical and evacuation insurance:

This usually covers medical emergencies. It also covers non-refundable trip costs if you cannot travel for certain reasons. It also covers you if you are sick during your trip and have to return home. 


Flight insurance:

This usually covers accidental death while travelling on an aircraft, trip delays if your travel delays, baggage insurance, assistance etc. 


You can also decide to get life insurance packages from companies like FBNInsurance


Like regular insurance packages, the cost of travel insurance policies are usually dependent on factors like one’s age, trip length, trip cost, the plan you want and coverage limits. Most travel insurances usually cost between 4% and 8% of the total trip price.


Why should you get a travel insurance?

  1. To protect your personal items while you are travelling
  2. To protect your health. Things like food poisoning and water reactions can arise because you are going to a new environment and your body needs to adjust to this new clime. 
  3. High medical costs at your destination can also be a reason to get an insurance because you want to make sure you don’t dig too deep into your pocket.
  4. Peace of mind. Seriously, travelling gets really stressful and you want to make sure you have certain things covered.


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