The Monumental Features Of The Idanre Hills

Located in the ancient Idanre town, Ondo State, Southwestern Nigeria, Idanre Hills which is found to be 15 kilometres, South West of Akure, the State Capital, remains one of the most beautiful natural landscapes and a fascinating tourist attraction in Africa.

The hills which are about 100 years old were previously used by residents of the Idanre town to protect themselves from invaders. On October 8, 2007, Idanre hills was listed among the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. 
The highest peak of Idanre hills is reached by six hundred and sixty seven steps (667) steps; it’s a breath-taking climb all the way to the top of the hill as the hills are smooth, steep-sided and dome-shaped in nature.
The hills are strategically positioned in a way that it surrounds the Idanre town, envelopes it and adds a touch of glamour and beauty to it. At almost any angle, the hills can be seen and major town activities revolve around the hills.
The hills were named after some historical figures that were pivotal to the socio-economic development of Idanre town. Examples are the Olofin and the Orosun hills that were named after the pioneer Oba (King) of Oke Idanre and his Olori (Queen) respectively.
The hills are bounded by evergreen undulating landscape which makes it a wonderful sight to behold.
Idanre Hills has a lot of monumental features some of which include:
The Agbagba Hill: This hill became well-known because of “Agboogun”, mysterious footprints that are found on it. A fun fact is that tourists are allowed to put their feet into the footprints and surprisingly and inexplicably, the footprints contract and expand to accommodate all feet put into them. However, it is also assumed that anybody whose feet do not exactly fit into the footprints is considered to be a witch or a wizard.
The Ajimoba Hill: This hill was named after a dedicated King’s gateman.
The Carter Hill: This hill was named after a former colonial Governor who signed a peace treaty with the Oba (king) of Idanre far back as 1891.
The Ilesun Hill: This monument was named after a great warrior who killed his daughter so he could fulfil his vow to sacrifice the first living thing that would come his way if he should win the war he went into. The girl was buried at the base of the Ilesun Hill. However, till today there is an annual commemoration ceremony that is observed on the hill by children of her age.
The Arun River: It is a small river found on the hill. Arun is a crystal clear river where crabs and some other aquatic creatures are found; a swim in the middle of the river gives a mysterious frightening and bustling experience.
Cultural features such as gods, goddesses and traditional arts are domicile on the hills.
For tourists to ascend to the top of the hill, they would have to climb six hundred and sixty seven (667) steps with five (5) resting posts along the steps where tourists can pause before they continue climbing.
It’s indeed an adventure and an exciting destination for all tourists. Be sure to visit the Idanre Hills.

This article was written by Agboola Pelumi

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