Ikogosi Warm Spring

Ikogosi warm spring is a tourist center situated in a serene town called Ikogosi in Ekiti State, southwestern Nigeria, West Africa. Connecting with nature can never be more rewarding than the Ikogosi warm spring experience. This tourist attraction is one of the sites Nigeria is proud of because of the history and myth behind this attraction.

ikogosi warm spring

Flowing beside the warm spring is another cold spring which joins the warm spring at a confluence with each maintaining its original  temperature. This peculiar attribute makes this spring a well sought site of attraction. Studies have shown that the warm spring possesses a temperature of about 70°C  at the origin and 37°C at the confluence.

The source of Ikogosi spring was visited in 1952 by Rev. John S. McGee , a Baptist missionary. From his mission base in the  nearby Ekiti town of Igede, he went to the source of the hot and cold spring. Initially this southern missionary was put off from going to the source due to the myth he had heard from the local residents,  that nobody goes there and comes back alive due to the perceived supernatural forces that parade and dwell in this strange and unusual feature of nature.

Despite the strong   dissuasion,   Rev. McGee took the bull by the horn and boldly made his way through the forest(an apparent journey of no return), up the hill to the source of the two side-by-side springs and came back alive to the utmost surprise of the local residents. The arrival of the this American Baptist missionary from the source of the spring opened the gate to futher visits to the source of Ikogosi warm spring.

There are also popular myths surrounding  the warm spring. One of these myths has it that the warm and cold springs were the two wives of of a great hunter, who constantly quarreled with each other. One of the wives was temperamental while the other was a quiet woman.

One day, the two wives had a terrible fight that the whole community gathered to settle them while their husband was on a hunting expedition. When their husband came back, he seriously rebuked them, after which, the temperamental wife turned to the warm spring and the quiet wife turned to the cold spring.(Amazing, isn’t it?)

The locals also believe the water  has some curative powers.

Because of the increasing  number of visitors(both local and international) and the potential it holds, the site has received tremendous development and now called Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort.  The resort has a warm water swimming pool and  a magnificent hotel among others. The warm water swimming pool is fed directly from the warm spring. There now exist a walk trail to the source of the spring. A walk on the trail envelopes one with that serenity one can have walking a natures trail as all you hear is the chirpings of birds and the coolness of the forest.

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This article is written by Samuel Agboma.

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