Jakaranda Pottery Kaduna – Embodiment Of Creativity

Africa is a continent blessed with some much creativity  and the Jakaranda pottery embodies  this creativity through the beautifully hand crafted pots made and sold by potters for household, traditional, ornamented and sculptural uses. It also serve as a form of storytelling through art.


Jakaranda pottery Kaduna located at Kachia-kaduna expressway about 22km south of Kaduna state is labeled as one of the best in Africa. It was built in the year 1981 by a young couple, Eli and Margaret Mamaon who started with just the pottery, a restaurant and a small menagerie. Today, it is now being handled by the Anglican Diocese and it has developed into several other facilities. It got its name from the jakaranda trees planted around the pottery; the pottery was built to serve as a point where people from different religion and works of life can find unity and have something in common.

Jakaranda Pottery
The couple british-Nigerian couple Eli and Margeret Mamaon moved to Nigeria in 1961 after graduating from London university to start a Health clinic in Northen Nigeria-Kaduna and they both enjoyed visiting Abuja pottery house by Michael Cardew. Eli then decided to build a pottery house for his wife to help her cope with boredom and with the help of a British lecturer that helped Michael Cardew with his pottery, assisted the Mamaon set up the pottery and their first creation was ready in 1983.

The pottery is one of the facilities at the Jakaranda farms and resort along side with a multi-purpose hall, a farm that aims to provide quality farm product that will be enough to feed the nation at affordable prices, a guest house, a laundry facility, a mini zoo and different sporting facilities etc.

The pottery has a hut or a menagerie set aside for selling different art and craft from all over Africa  and then there is a restaurant that serve various kinds of African and continental dishes. There are also cocktail drinks made from the different fruits grown at the pottery.

It is surrounded by serene environment with waterfalls, Japanese style bridges, lovely savanna grass, ponds and different species of animals existing in their natural habitat that makes tourist feel relaxed.

The potters are ever welcoming and are always ready to take one through the whole process of pottery in their workshops and if one has the time one could sit down with the potter’s wheel and be creativity.

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