Kajuru Castle: A Medieval Architecture

Kaduna State, a major commercial hub in the northern part of Nigeria, is home to a magnificent luxury Villa called Kajuru Castle.
This Castle was built in early medieval style between 1981 and 1989 in a village called Kajuru.

The building of Kajuru Castle brings to bare the early medieval architectural style. It was built with metre thick granite stone and covers about 360 square metres.

Historically, Kajuru castle was said to have been built by a German named Gerhard Huebner. He was granted permission by the district head of Kajuru District in Kachia local government area of Kaduna State, to build a temporary weekend hospitality resort on a hilltop in Kajuru village.
Gerhard built a temporary structure initially but later built a permanent structure which he named ”The Kajuru Castle”. The Castle today, an exclusive and luxirious total getaway, is an outstanding early medieval architectural masterpiece with breathtaking serene atmosphere set at the top of a hill like no other in Nigeria(so you would have to brave the mountain).

kajuru castle

It was built with towers and dungeon in the center.
The castle has four dungeon rooms, master’s bed room, swimming pool to make the hot days more pleasant, knight’s hall and a kitchen(self catering) and a BBQ spot beside the pool.
The Kajuru Castle is surrounded by a Moat(a Moat is a deep wide defensive ditch, normally filled with water, surrounding a fortified habitation) like a real Castle should be. Only one gate exists to enter and leave the Castle.
One thing i honestly find interesting and amazing, is that, there are real crocodiles in the Moat to protect the castle(of course, you wouldn’t dare a crock).

It is one of the most popular and amazing places to visit in Nigeria, and  as a tourist, you would not want to miss it.
It has become a popular place for pre-wedding pictures and honeymoon.
You can access Kajuru by road or by flight into Kaduna from any major city in Nigeria.

I like to inform you that, by design, the Castle operates in an exclusive manner, as only the complete castle can be rented out. Its capacity is about 150 guests at a time but only 12 can lodge in full comfort.

There are not many places like Kajuru Castle in Nigeria, so any time you think of a place to visit for a total getaway, honeymoon, pre-wedding pictures, movie shooting, relaxation,etc  consider Kajuru Castle.

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Written by: Samuel Agboma

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