Limbe Wildlife Center, Cameroon

Founded in 1993, Limbe Wildlife Center houses Primates. It is said to be one of the most effective projects through the collaboration between the Government of Cameroon and the Pandrillus foundation.

It so happened that the state recognized the need to house Gorillas, Monkeys and most especially, Chimpanzee among others. It was proving difficult taking them all to Nigeria and there was no facility for these animals in Cameroon.  The “then” Victoria Zoo in Limbe seemed like an ideal location, there was the availability of good land, water supply, etc. The zoo also attracted plenty of visitors to be given the opportunity to learn about wildlife. Conditions such as the good management skills and attitude, plus the need to add changes, Maria Mukete supported the movement. The zoo was at the time under the Ministry of Tourism; Pandrillus recruited its first volunteer for Cameroon, Kay Farmer and the Limbe Wildlife Center was born.

From the most remote village to the upscale Bastos neighborhood in Yaounde, orphan primates were encountered with nowhere to go – chained or locked around the roadside and storage sheds. It was recorded that in just six months of field work there was a compiled database of nearly fifty chimpanzees needing a new home.
Today, the Limbe Wildlife Center is home to fifteen primate species native to Cameroon, including gorillas, chimpanzees, drills, mandrills, baboons, three mangabey species, and seven Guenon species. With sixteen gorillas, including the only known Cross River gorilla in captivity. The Center also cares for small carnivores, duikers, birds and reptiles. Most of these animals are later released to the wild in suitable habitats.
Another importance of the zoo is Education. Wilson Ateh is the Limbe Wildlife Center’s education coordinator and also a gorilla keeper. He also works at Drill Ranch Afi Mountain. There is also Manager Felix Lankester. He has implemented a very sophiticated veterinary program at the center, in cluding training of Cameroon’s first wildife veterinarian John Kiyang- Pandrillus staff member. The project focuses on education so much that it welcomes over 35,000-40,000 Cameroonian visitors annually.

The Limbe education program is extensive promoting and inviting student to the center, its Nature Clubs, outreach programs and performances in remote schools, field trips, holiday galas and rallies. With the stable help from NGOs, government and Pandrillus, it has become increasingly involved in wildlife advocacy in Cameroon. This includes preparation of a wildlife identification handbook for Cameroonian law enforcement personnel among other programs.

The Limbe wildlife center has portrayed the usefulness of zoo therefore, if you think the zoo is an archaic, depressing place, why not clear your doubts by visiting Limbe today. Located at Bota Road, Limbe-Cameroon,the center opens 9am -4pm for a token of CFA3000 which is 1,951.22 Nigerian Naira.

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