Mount Bisoke Rwanda: Home Of The Mountain Gorillas

Mount Bisoke also called the Mount Visoke is a dormant volcano positioned between the borders of Rwanda and the republic of Congo. It has a large part and the biggest part of the mount, including the peak, in Rwanda.

Mount Rwanda is part of the series of volcanoes that make up the Vininga mountain range – the Vininga Mountain Range is made up of eight volcanoes which are all located across the borders of Rwanda, Republic of Congo and Uganda.

The conic shaped mount is recorded to be about 3711 meters above sea level; the stratovolcano reached that height after the last eruption dated back to August 1957. The volcano was formed from rift action in the East-African Rift slowly bisecting Africa.

The mount is not snow-packed as it’s expected to be but it often contains fog due to the fact that its covered with lush vegetation  from top to bottom which is very rare for volcanoes and this makes climbing or hiking easy. The lush vegetation of Mount Bisoke is made up of three zones which are Hagenia at the bottom to Semi-alpine at the middle and Alpine at the top.

Mount Bisoke has two beautiful crater lake, each of which is about 400 meters in diameter, one of the crater lakes is located at the peak of the volcano and this was formed after the last eruption. The second crater lake is about 11km from the first one and it is by the side of the volcano. It is from this two crater lakes the volcano got its name Bisoke which is Swahili for “soaked in water”.

Mount Bisoke is the habitat for several wildlife such as mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, buffaloes, duiker, several birds, elephants and other species of animal; it’s a good place to come in contact with nature and feel the awesomeness of nature, wildlife and the mountain’s scenery.

Mount Bisoke

Mount Bisoke is the most hiked volcano among the volcanoes of the Vininga mountain range and there are two major hiking routes both of which leads to the crater lakes; hiking the mountains let you come in contact with the different animals that the mountain provides shelter for.  The hikers have a guide following them and then one can pay 10USD to hire a porter to follow one through the whole journey.

Mount Bisoke

The mountain also contain Dian Fossey’s tomb – Dian Fossey was a researcher and a primatologist that dedicated her life to ensuring the survival of the mountain gorillas and she had a research center (Kirisoke Research Center) on the mountain dedicated to that cause. She was murdered and was buried alongside with the mountain gorillas at her research center.

A permit is normally issued out with foreigners paying 75$ and foreign resident in Rwanda paying 60$. Students and children pay 45$ and Rwanda citizens pay RWF 4000 and children and students pay RWF 2000.

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