Namib Desert - The Sea Meets The Desert

The Namib desert is regarded as one of the Great African Wonders. The reason is not far-fetched. Although not as large as the Sahara (which of course is the world’s largest desert), the Namib is often referred to as the world oldest desert. It stretches for more than 1,300 miles long, from the Usaib river in north of Namibia to Luderitz in the south. In the Namib desert, the prevailing westerly wind blowing from the Atlantic drives the massive sand dunes on the desert to far inland.

Namib Desert

There are so many fascinating things about the Namib which has become a source of attraction for tourists and travelers alike. The Namib desert is home to some desolate landscapes of the skeleton coast. Just like the desert in the Sinai region, the Namib has some of the biggest sand dunes in the world. There are also some uniquely adapted desert wildlife, and a great number of breathtaking natural attractions to whet the appetite of visiting travelers and tourists alike.

Speaking of the westerly wind that reaches the region from the Atlantic, visitors who are able to afford the luxury of the carrier balloon do utilize the wind in flying into the remote and beautiful part of the desert to experience its magnitude and splendour – as well as the ever shifting technical landscapes and its colours.

Statistically, the Namib is the driest in Africa. But it has been observed that dense night fogs do roam over the area for 50 miles or more. The Namib desert is in fact a treasure in the literal sense of the word. It is a rich source of diamond for the planet earth. This attests to the richness of Africa as a continent in terms of resources for the wider world. However, for travellers the glory of this great desert lies in the stark beauty of its dunes.

The Sossusvlei and the dunes of Sossulvlei are one great attractions that should not be missed while visiting the Namib. In fact, the dunes are said to be some of the highest on earth because they reach heights of up to 300 metres. The Sossusvlei area belongs to a wide region of southern Namib with homogeneous features extending between rivers kochab and koiseb.

Asides the Sossusvlei and its massive dunes, other interesting places travellers and tourists could visit while exploring the desert are the charming seaside resort of Swakopmund – an enchanting little seaside
town in the middle of the Namib desert. The Swakopmund has wonderful food, great beaches, plentiful watersports and extreme sports facilities. Another good base for travellers in the Namib is the city of Walvis bay. The Walvis bay is a good place to have a bird view of the whole area.

In the Namib, there are tour operators who offer tourists and travellers a variety of desert wildlife Safaris, boat tours along the coast and other interesting things one can think of. There are other popular activities like the dune-boarding, and scuba diving which is possible along the coastal area of the desert. Indeed, if there’s one place one needs to visit during a long or short term vacation, it is the Namib.

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This article was written by Ali Abdullah Opeyemi

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