Nyika Plateau National Park, Malawi - Where The Water Comes From

The Nyika Park Malawi covers the Nyika Plateau. It is named Nyika “where the water comes from” because the plateau’s elevation makes it wetter than the surrounding areas. The park is known for being a favorite spot for visitors to trek and also do other activities like mountain biking.

Nyika National Park
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The park is also home to animals like the antelope, the zebra and leopards, lions and elephants. This is due to the large montane vegetation. It is also said to have the largest leopard concentration in central Africa, though this statistic is not supported by any survey or research done in the area. Smaller mammals like the warthogs and bush pigs, porcupines and smaller cats have also been found in the area.

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The top of the plateau is usually covered in cloud, during the rainy season (January to April) and during the cold dry season. One cannot travel deep into Nyika without having a travel guide as it is very easy to stray away from the marked routes.

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The Nyika Park measures an area of 3200 km2   . Other attractions in the park include the Chisanga falls which comes from North Rukuru river falling off the plateau to Thalire District. There is also a rock shelter, a lake and very close to the park is the Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve.

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