The Palace Of The Oba(King) Of Benin

The Benin Kingdom is an  ancient Kingdom in West Africa, in Edo State, Nigeria to be precise. It was a kingdom among kingdoms. It was a hub of ancient rulership and governance in West Africa.

The king called the Oba was at the helm of affairs and was regarded as the commander-in-chief. The palace  is spectacular as a place of abode for the Oba(king of Benin) and other royals.

oba of benin palace

It was initially built by Oba Ewedo(1255AD-1280AD). This spectacular Edifice was destroyed by the British after the Kingdom contended with the British army at war in 1897. It is a preservation of the lavish Benin culture and tradition. The Palace has been listed as a heritage and tourist site.

It is mostly visited by curators, archaeologists and historians from all over the world. The palace however has evolved to become what it is today.

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