Sauti Za Busara - Sounds of Wisdom

Sauti za Busara is an African music festival that is held in the city of Zanzibar, Tanzania. The festival is held every year in the month of February. Sauti za Busara means “sounds of wisdom” in Swahili.

The festival is still one of the largest music festivals in East Africa. It is centred in the Old Fort known which is referred to as Ngome Kongwe, with other smaller events taking place simultaneously around Stone Town. The events include a carnival parade on some streets in Zanzibar.

Sauti za Busara has a large artiste line up with several hundreds of artists participating every year, The festival aims to celebrate the rich African music heritage by showcasing an extensive collection of dynamic African Music. All performances at the event are live.
The festival has set the stage for the exposure and growth for local Swahili talents with artistes like Bi Kidude and Culture Musical Club to several other home grown talents in Tanzanian pop and hip-hop.
Though the festival has no financial support from the government, the festival has been filled to capacity every year. The dates of the 2018 edition have been decided. The Sauti Za Busara African music festival is planned to hold during the 8th to 11th February 2018 in the ancient Stone Town walls in Zanzibar.
Love African music? Are you a sucker for African music festivals? Then be at the 2018 edition of the Za Busara African Music Festival.

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