Sharm El Sheikh – The Next Destination For Honeymooners

Welcome to Sharm El Sheikh, the next destination for honeymooners who want to to enjoy the sights of the Red Sea, along side benefits of scuba diving. Sharm El Sheikh which is the administrative hub of Egypt’s South Sinai Governorate lies at the tip of the Sinai Pennisula in the Red Sea. The Sharm El Sheikh is known for its numerous dive sites.

sharm el sheikh

There are three national parks located in the region in a bid to conserve the underwater life. Raw Mohammed, Tiran, Nabq.
Sharm El Sheikh is also called “Bay of the Sheikh” in Arabic and is sometimes reffered to as the “City of Peace”, referring to the large number of international peace conferences that have been held there. It was known as Şarm-üş Şeyh during Ottoman rule, and as Ofira during Israeli occupation between 1967 and 1982. Among Egyptians and Israelis, the name of the city is commonly shortened to “Sharm” (Egyptian Arabic: [ʃɑɾm]; Hebrew: [ʃaʁm]). The name is also sometimes written as Sharm al-Sheikh, Sharm el-Sheik or Sharm al-Sheik in English.

There are about 50 diving centres. The climate in the region is hot while the water is warm and clear. The city experiences a subtropical arid climate, classified by the Köppen-Geiger system as hot desert (BWh). Typical temperatures range from 18 to 23 °C (64 to 73 °F) in January and 33 to 37 °C (91 to 99 °F) in August. The temperature of the Red Sea in this region ranges from 21 to 28 °C (70 to 82 °F) over the course of the year.

Europeans learn to dive here in Sharm El Sheikh than anywhere else in the world. Diving here is easy no matter the level of experience a person has, and also dive centers require you to do one local dive before they will take you on a boat trip in order to give you an opportunity to orient yourself to Red Sea diving. Sharm el Sheikh is a popular starting point for extended dive trips, also called liveaboards or diving safaris. From here you can join a liveaboard to the exceptional dive sites of the Straits of Gubal with the wreck graveyard of Abu Nuhas, passing by the fabled Thistlegorm, the Red Sea’s most well known wreck, or a diving safari to the incredible sites around Tiran island.
There are all kinds of sea creatures present here example: the hard and soft coral, turtles and dolphins, mantas and moray eels, napoleons and tuna, hammerheads, barracudas, reef and pelagic sharks, and much more.

In Sharm el Sheikh, one can also get certifications in diving as there are more than 100 dive operators, with services ranging from scuba diving beginner certification courses to professional courses and technical diving, and providing guided dives to the area’s outstanding reefs.
Also, most resorts in Sharm el Sheikh have reliable and well-organised diving centres, officially registered at the South Sinai Association for Diving and Marine Activities, offering all sorts of scuba diving services, from entry-level courses to professional courses, introductory dives and diving packages, with one, two or more dives per day, for those who are certified. For the non-licensed diving enthusiasts, most centres offer free of charge pool intro’s, where visitors can experience the thrill of scuba diving on a one-to-one basis with a diving instructor in the hotel’s swimming pool.
Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt’s first protected area, is a world-famous area with several top diving locations. Shark and Yolanda reef in summer are “the” Red Sea dive par excellence, with its abundance of hard and soft corals and a wealth of big game, from tunas to barracudas, trevallies, jackfish and sharks. Other world-famous dive sites in Ras Mohammed are jackfish Alley, Ras Ghozlani, Ras, Za’atar, Anemone City, Shark’s Observatory.

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