The 6 Top Microbreweries In South Africa

If you’re a beer connoisseur, you might find that the huge corporate brands don’t do it for you anymore and you just want to try something different. A microbrewery might be your best bet as the focus is often on craft, taste and technique.

Here are the 6 best microbreweries in South Africa.

top 6 microbreweries in south africa


Stanford, South Africa has on occasion been said to have the purest natural spring water in the entire world and this might be the reason for Bikenhead’s success. The quality of water is incredible. It’s an amazing brew and also happens to be the Western Cape’s second largest microbrewery.


This Microbrewery is Based in Pretoria and have been around since way back in 1997 when Moritz Kallmeyer founded the place with the sole aim of crafting great beer. Literally starting from the bottom– a garage– Drayman’s has grown to become famous for producing some of Gauteng’s best micro beers, including Weissbier, Altbier, bitter, ales and mead.


Mitchell’s barely qualifies as a Microbrewery as they are second in size only to SABMiller, but the quality of the beer is not in question.

Founded by Lex Mitchell in 1983 in Knysna, the Microbrewery has a branch in Cape Town and has gone through a number of owner changes including foreign ones,although it’s back in the hands of a South African. They are responsible for some incredible beer brands including Forester’s Lager and Bosuns Bitter which are particularly famous thanks in part to its low alcohol content of 3.6 per cent.

Jack Black

Not to be confused with the Hollywood actor, Jack Black Microbrewery was

located near the Overberg town of Hermanus, but has now moved its operation to Cape Town in a bid to crack the market and also, more nobly, reduce its carbon footprint. Jack Black is a blunt beer with no no artificial colours and preservatives which you usually find with more popular brands today. To make this sustainable, they are brewed in small batches, and have slowly but surely risen in popularity.

Clarens Brewery

While Clarens as a town is somewhat unimpressive,unbeknownst to some, they do have an incredible Microbrewery situated in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains. Four Ales, seasonal speciality beers and locally grown apple and cherry cider on tap, make-up an impressive lineup for the alcohol enthusiast in you. Clarens Brewery also offers free tasting to help you make up your mind, they’re that good and confident. With just about 5,000 litres brewed each month, they keep it small with 50% of what’s brewed staying with thelocal population while the rest is also distributed locally.

Hops Hollow

Hops Hollow is a mishmash that is parts old style country inn and parts cosy pub/microbrewery. The family run establishment can be found at the highest point of the Long Tom Pass, about halfway between the Mpumalanga towns of Ladenburg and Sabie. The beer has a distinctive taste that Hops Hollow is proud of. Their lineup includes: Diggers Draught, Old Bull Ale, Mac’s Porter and Blacksmith’s Brew.

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