The Abuja Airplane House

When you first look at it from afar off, it looks like the site of a plane crash. But it is not so. Welcome to the Abuja AirPlane House. It is just along the main highway, and very hard to miss when you are driving south into Abuja. This beautiful piece of architecture is owned by the Said family and the story behind the airplane house will shock you.

abuja airplane house

The Story Behind The Abuja Airplane House

Liza Said always loved traveling. A lebanese immigrant to Nigeria, she had a husband named Jammal. Both had gotten married in the 1980s and had settled down in Nigeria.

Her husband who was head over heels in love with her, wanted her to know just how much she meant to him. And so when he realized that she loved travelling, he decided to gift her something that would completely blow her mind. And so, the idea of an airplane house was conceived.

In the early 1999, Said soon found the perfect location for this beautiful home he had planned for years. Construction was started not so long after in 2002. The 100 foot long plane with a wingspan of 50 feet extending over the sides of the hilltop villa was soon a reality.

Details of the airplane house

The plane spans the entire roof of the house and features the kitchen, a Television/computer game room inside the cockpit which overlooks Abuja. The main house itself has three floors and a basement. The wings and engines of the plane that extend over the sides of the hilltop villa each contain a bedroom and bathroom. The beautifully constructed cabin area is a living room and bar.

Behind the main house is another smaller, plane topped guest house. And, there is an “aircraft control tower” which is really a two storey security booth.


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