The Jabi Lake and Mall Abuja - Shopping Centre and Lake Side By Side

Looking to spend a day in a serene environment in Abuja? You shouldn’t have to look too far as there is a major tourist attraction in Abuja for visitors from around the country, including Minna and Kaduna. It is the Jabi Lake Mall, which offers inexpensive fun for families, lovers, friends etc.  It is a fantastic destination for picnic.

jabi lake

As Abuja is a landlocked region, it is not uncommon for people to want anything that offers close to the excitement which a beach offers. And so, Jabi Lake Mall is encircled in a sea of water.

The lake itself which is an artificial lake is just 10 minutes from the city centre and between Shoprite mall and Nara hotel. It is also flanked by Shehu Yar’Adua expressway and the Jabi and Utako districts. Children who visit the Jabi Lake Mall usually make use of the opportunity to ride in boats present on the lake.

jabi lake mall

There is plenty of room to take a slow walk or sprint, and explore your inner athletic potentials while enjoying the great views of the lake.

The Jabi lake mall is open to the public without any gate fees however, one would definitely pay to use amenities at the mall.
Also available at the mall are games like:
Badminton, Vollyball, football, roller skating, boat ride, table tennis, snooker, bicycles etc. However, it is important that you come in your own sports kit.

Like I mentioned earlier, children love to take rides in boats as do adults. The Jabi lake offers amenities for these purposes. There are speed boat rides, canoe rides. However, a token is charged before you can ride and usually, an expert has to ride with you.

At the Jabi Lake also, you can ride on horses. The horses at Jabi mall are well groomed and the charge is usually between 300 Naira to 500 Naira for a horse ride.

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