The Maritime Museum of Douala: Home To Art Depicting The Cultural Heritage Of Cameroon

The Maritime Museum is located at Douala, Cameroon. In 2014, the program of Social Corporative Responsibility, Ministry of Transports, M Mkili Robert, officially inaugurated the Maritime Museum of the City of Douala in combination with the National Council of stevedores of Cameroon (CNCC). The Museum has received so much recognition which includes the Boluda Corporación Marítima. The manager of Boluda Cameroon, Jean Marc Michel has been elected President of the Foundation of the Friends of the Maritime Museum of Douala because of economic and cultural development.

Maritime Museum of Douala


As the center of Maritime prowess, it houses so many cultural heritage of the Cameroonian maritime landscape preserving the evolution of the marine experiences. As such, the museum showcases the country’s maritime history through a rich collection of artifacts, objects of historic, different works related with the sea, the port activity and artistic value such as photographs, sculptures, maps, paintings, videos, documents, archival materials and multimedia animations.

The museum is divided in three sections and a rooftop: one of the floors is basically about history and slavery. The histories displayed are of the Wouri coast. The Wouri coast has its history from “Rio dos Camarões” – “Cameroon River”, the name that Portuguese explorers gave to the Wouri river.

The first section also contains records of the Sawa people, the origin of the city Douala, and of the name Cameroon.

The second floor showcases the professionals of maritime world and the naval experience. There is also an exhibition of a real boat control room, with all the different types of boats. The room has a ship simulator for professionals and trainees serving as an excellent teaching tool that can re-enact a sailing scene and its safety features.

A beautiful conference room shaped as the inside of a boat, and a 3D simulator room called “La salle de Tempetes” lies on the third floor. The museum has a multipurpose hall with a capacity of 100 seats to host the events and a multimedia space with a broadband internet connection to help students and researchers in their research.

According to Prince Hall Cameroon, the Maritime Museum collections cover themes such as: man in his natural environment, the evolution of various ships in the world, Cameroonian ports in general and the history of trade and its development in the Cameroonian ports.
The Museum is amazing for interesting coastal history, the roof part where one get a view of the port of Douala and Bonanjo, the storm room and maritime dexterity all present. As a tourist or individual looking for that one stop place at Cameroon, be sure not to be discouraged about the language barriers as the tour guide speaks both French and English depending on which one you are comfortable with. However, It is forbidden to use cameras inside the museum.

From 9am to 6pm, Tuesdays to Sundays the Museum is open and costs between 500 to 2500 CFA Francs, as at March, 2018, it is ₦1,663.53 in Nigeria, Naira.

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