10 Things To Do In Lagos

Looking to visit Lagos, Nigeria for the first time? Here are all the things you must do in Lagos, Nigeria.


things to do lagos

1. Visit the Lekki Conservation Centre

The Lekki Conservation Centre boasts of the longest canopy walk in Africa. The huge expanse of land has a lot of greenery. You get to walk over the mangrove on planks and you will also see the monkeys and if you are lucky, you may see a crocodile or a snake.

2. Nike Art Gallery

Also located in Lekki, it is home to the best art you will mostly find in Lagos. Inside, you will find art from sculptors, artists and craftsmen who if you are lucky, you will find Nike herself.

3. Kalakuta Republic Museum

Located in Fela’s former house, the museum tells you the story of Fela’s music, activism, and unusual lifestyle.

4. The Afrika Shine

5. The Epe Mangroves

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Take a boat ride through the mangroves, to Epe. There is also a fish market you can check out.

6. The Historic Town Of Badagry

Explore Nigeria’s colonial history and visit the point of no return. It is said that once the slaves set foot on this point, there was no going back for them.

7. Surf at Tarkwa Bay

Nigeria does not really have a surfing culture, but if you are a surfer, Tarkwa bay is your best bet!

8. Explore the National Theatre

Located in Iganmu, Lagos, the National Theatre plays home to the best theatre plays you would ever watch.

9. Visit the National Museum

Nigeria is made up of a lot of tribes, so you will get a load down on the history and tradition of Nigeria when you visit the National Museum and you will also get to see the rich history of Nigeria.

10. Visit the Hard Rock Cafe

Looking for night life but you don’t want to go clubbing fully, Hardrock cafe is the place to be. Hardrock cafe is located in Victoria Island.


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