Tiga Dam Kano – Tributary Of Hadejia River

There are about 19 dams in Nigeria and Tiga Dam is one of them. It covers an area of about 178 square km with a capacity of 2 000,000 cubic meters which makes it qualify to be one of the largest dams in the country. Tiga dam is a hydro-power plant with a power capacity of 10MW.

Tiga Dam

Tiga dam is located at 70km south of Kano and was constructed during the administration of Gov. Audu Bako by unprofessional engineering between the years 1970-1974 based on the designs of Netherlands Development Company (NEDECO) but by 1976 Hadejia Jama’ara River Basin Development Authority Nigeria (HJRBDA) took over the construction and maintenance of the dam and they are currently the owner of the dam.

Tiga dam is the major reservoir for Kano River thereby helping to reduce water flow in Kano city by 50% and it is also the main tributary of Hadejia River and some other rivers. It supplies the whole of Kano state and also Yobe, Jigawa and Borno states with water for farming, fishing and other purposes.

The dam was built in order to improve food security through providing irrigation for farmers under the Kano River Irrigation Project and the Hadejia Valley Irrigation Project located in Kano and Jigawa States respectively and it also has a shallow lake where one can relax and feel the warmth of the water and also have a wonderful view of the reservoir.

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