Travelling To Cape Verde? Here Are Amazing Facts You Should Know

Looking for some affordable adventure? Cape Verde just might be the place for you. Cape Verde is made up of a dozen islands in the Atlantic. It is a destination in which you are bound to get a lot of diversity, and appeal. Here are the most amazing facts you should know.

It’s Location

Cape Verde is located off the coast of West Africa.

Cape Verde Used To Be A Portuguese Colony

From it’s discovery in the 15th century to until as recently as 1975, Cape Verde was a Portuguese Colony. The country boasts about its European history with the many colonial architectural structures. Some of these colonial buildings are in Mindelo, Sao Vicente. Cape Verde used to be uninhabited until the 15th century.

Each Island Is Totally Different

It consists of 10 different volcanic islands. Each island is unique and boasts of a distinct landscape. An example is the difference between Sal and Fogo. Sal is the best place to have a beach trip experience, while in Fogo, is a live volcano in which the locals live inside the crater. You can decide to explore underground tunnels or simply go climbing. Santa Maria is also a favorite place to visit. Sao Nicolau is also great for hiking trips because of its great mountain slopes.

The Climate Is Very Friendly

The climate on Cape Verde is milder than most of African mainland. The sea around it moderates the temperatures on the islands. The air temperature is cooler than in Senegal but the sea is warmer. The island has warm temperatures all year long. There is also the rainy season between July and October.


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