Zuma Rock: The Rock With The Contour Of A Human Face

Zuma Rock is one of the greatest natural iconic spectacles in the tourism corridor of Nigeria and Africa at large. It often times referred to as “Gateway to Abuja” due to its location. It stands on the outer edge of the Federal Capital Territory’s limit, marking the official edge of the city. It is situated north of Nigeria’s capital city- Abuja. It is however sitting on the soil of Niger state, at its boundary with Abuja, along the expressway from Abuja to kaduna. It stands tall and intimidating that it can hardly be missed by tourists and visitors. Like a king, all other mountains stay some respectful distance away from it. Over time it has remained a major gift to Abuja’s Landscape, despite its geographical location in Niger state.

The Zuma rock is 725meters(2,379ft) in height and 3.1km in circumference. Zuma Rock is twice the height of the world famous Uluru Rock in Australia.
In geological quarters, it is described as an “ingneous intrussion” which simply means that molten magma has pushed towards the surface of the eaarth, pushing rock at the surface out of the way over the course of many millions of years.

Of special interest is the natural contours on the rock giving the image of a human face with obvious mouth, eyes and nose. little wonder why the rock is commonly associated with a lot of myths and legends, especially by the Locals. The rock is believed to posses certain powers which rendered enemies powerless and provided the Locals with a good hiding place.
Zuma Rock is so iconic that it adorns Nigeria’s 100 naira currency bill. Many people carry and spend this bill without knowing that it has this magnificent rock imprinted on it.
Climbing Zuma rock is a worthy and interesting experience. It takes about 4-5 hours to get to the top, and when you do, you have the whole view of the Federal Capital Territory given to you.

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